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Tri-State U8/U10 Interclub Development

This weekend program introduces young skiers (U8/U10) to alpine racing.

Children must be able to navigate most blue terrain, be able to match their skis consistently, and be able to ride chairlifts independently. The primary focus is on fun and learning and developing good fundamental skills.

Children will be grouped based on a combination of age and skill levels. Kids will concentrate first and foremost on developing focused free skiing and drills to enhance balance, agility, edging and rotary skills. Later on, gate training will be introduced with a fun race at the end of the season.

Primary focus will be on GS types of turns, with a possibility of some SL being introduced. Therefore, one pair of skis will suffice. Helmets and poles are required.

Any child still negotiating beginner or lower terrain may be interested in joining the Mountain Adventure program.

Training Schedule

The program will run on Saturday & Sunday mornings, beginning in mid December. The program day begins at 9 am and runs until 11:30 am when participants will break for lunch (parents are responsible for lunch for their child) and resumes from 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm when the day ends. Parents are responsible for prompt pickup. Meeting spot to be determined.

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