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Snowshoeing at Jiminy

Your Massachusetts Winter Wonderland Awaits

Looking to take a break from the slopes or not really into skiing? Why not enjoy a day snowshoeing around Jiminy Peak. This is the perfect winter sport to take in the beautiful winter scenery, get some exercise, and enjoy some time away from the busy resort. Jiminy has a network of family-friendly snowshoe trails for the adventurous, the curious, or the casual hiker with 5+ miles of trails covering over 1,200 vertical ft. There are enough places to go snowshoeing around Jiminy that you can enjoy a full day of trekking around the resort!

Jiminy’s Snowshoe Trails

Country Village Meadow Loop

This beginner 1-mile loop features basically flat terrain and the easiest of our places to go snowshoeing around the resort is perfect for all ages. It is a natural snow trail and use is dependent on the snowpack. Start walking west on Post Rd., which is the road that runs past the Country Inn and through Country Village. The trail starts on the uphill shoulder of the road (facing traffic) just past the entrance to Building #2. Follow the shoulder of the road, circumventing the refuse shed, and bear left up the shoulder of the driveway to Building #4. At the very end of the drive, enter the woods and descend a short hill. At the bottom, bear right and down another short hill. As you descend the second hill you will see a large grey barn in front of you. Walk to the corner of that building, turn right and cross into the meadow on the other side of the tree line. The mileage can be increased by looping the perimeter of the meadow as many times as desired before returning to the trailhead. 

Forest Walking Trails

For the curious, seeking a less strenuous, quieter experience, we have a series of wooded snowshoeing areas, free of ski and snowboard traffic. Follow the snowshoe markers as you explore this quiet, wooded winter wonderland away from the busy slopes. Start climbing Ace of Spades on looker’s right (skiers left) of the trail. Bear to the right and merge onto John Hancock. Stay on looker’s right for about 200 yards up John Hancock and duck under the rope that closes the walking trails to ski and snowboard traffic. From the trailhead, you’ll snowshoe around the perimeter of our resort and end up back at the trailhead for a minimum of 1.25 miles. The backcountry snowshoe trail features several moderate hills that are balanced out with flat sections. For guests looking for even more snowshoeing, there are also 2 interior loops that can be utilized for greater distance or alternate routes. This is a natural snow trail and use is dependent on the snowpack conditions. 

John Hancock, West Way Trails, and Left Bank Trail Area

The most strenuous place to go snowshoeing at Jiminy is also the most rewarding! This 3.5-mile loop circumnavigates the ski areas around the resort. You will climb 1,200 vertical feet to the summit of the mountain via the John Hancock and West Way Trails. From there you will descend the mountain via the Left Bank trail. We promise you will not be disappointed by the views with numerous lookout points along the snowshoe area to fully take in the tranquil snow-covered Berkshire mountains. From the summit, snowshoers can see the Jericho Valley to the North, including Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. Take a well-deserved break at the Summit Lodge and grab a snack or beverage before your descent. Both the ascent and descent snowshoe areas are covered by our snowmaking system, so you never need to be worried about the snowpack during our normal winter ski season. The trail is however shared by ski and snowboard traffic, so guests must remain attentive. Please be advised that we cannot download foot traffic via the chairlift. If you hike up, you must hike back down. 

Snowshoe Rentals

Don’t have your own snowshoes? No worries! Mountain Sports by Potter Brothers offers snowshoe rentals. Rentals cost $24 for 8 hours. However, you must bring your own hiking boots. We recommend a sturdy hiking boot, Pac boot, or snowboard boot when using our snowshoe rentals.  


When is Snowshoeing Available at Jiminy?
Our easier, flatter trails are available as soon as there is a natural snowpack in Massachusetts. The snowshoe trails that circumnavigate the resort are available as soon as we make snow on them. Check the Snow Report page at to confirm.
Are Jiminy’s Snowshoe Areas Dog-Friendly?

The Meadow loop and wooded snowshoe areas are pet-friendly, but pets MUST be leashed. Pets are not allowed on the groomed trails that circumnavigate the resort because of ski and snowboard activity.

What Should You Wear Snowshoeing?

We recommend you dress in layers. The best materials for snowshoeing are generally polyester or other synthetic blends, wool, and silk. You will also probably need a jacket along with a hat and gloves to keep warm. Additionally, waterproof boots are highly recommended for an enjoyable snowshoeing experience. Make sure you bring plenty of water too.

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