Surface Conditions:

Mountain Biking at Jiminy

Jiminy Peak offers extensive lift-served mountain biking in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of southern New England. The Grand Slam chairlift provides access to the lower mountain whenever Mountain Adventure Park is open. The Berkshire Express chairlift provides access to the summit and operates from 12 – 4 pm, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays, beginning 4th of July Weekend, through Labor Day Weekend.

The trail network features a mix of single track and downhill cruisers and is best suited for experienced riders. Full suspension bikes and body armor are recommended and helmets are required. Riding is allowed only on designated trails and all riders must strictly adhere to the rules of the mountain. Some trails may be closed periodically. Please observe all signs and warnings; they are in place for your safety. Jiminy Peak will monitor riding habits closely. All bikes are subject to inspection by  Jiminy staff, prior to lift access.

Mountain Bike rentals are not available. You must bring your own bike.

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Mountain Biking Safety

Cyclists, like all mountain users, should always be alert to the risks inherent in their sport. Responsible behavior and good judgment are essential for you to safely enjoy mountain biking at  Jiminy. Remember that the mountain environment poses potential hazards. Rocks, logs and other natural and man-made obstacles may be encountered suddenly and without warning. Be especially careful of waterbars, which are ditches or mounds placed throughout the mountain to control erosion. They may be visible or hidden by grass and should be approached slowly and cautiously. A first-aid kit should be carried at all times, sufficiently stocked to treat cuts, sprains bruises and other typical mountain bike injuries. Sunscreen, insect repellent and plenty of water are also recommended.

Responsibility Code

Do not bike alone. The mountain is not patrolled and even a minor mishap can turn serious if you are stranded. A helmet is mandatory when riding at Jiminy Peak. Know your riding ability and do not try to exceed it. If in doubt, walk it out! Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or cannot be seen by other mountain users. Be aware of horseback riding on and near trails. If horses are nearby, stop riding and quietly allow them to pass. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the mountain. Regarless of Massachusetts State Law, drug use is not allowed anywhere on Jiminy Peak property. Observe all CLOSED TRAIL signs, barriers and ropes. Do not disturb animals or plants anywhere on the mountain. NO FIRES ARE ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON Jiminy Peak PROPERTY. Pack out everything you brought with you. Please do not litter.

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