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Snow Report

Wednesday, February 21st


Day #82

  • We will re-open terrain on Thursday and plan to be back to 34 trails, including Widow White's Peak! Check the Snow Report in the morning for the latest information.
  • Due to the weather, we will be operating on limited terrain to protect the snow as best we can through this warm up. As a result, lift tickets will now be at non-holiday rates for the duration of the this holiday period. We will plan to re-open more terrain on Thursday - stay tuned for updates throughout the week.
  •  All open terrain has been groomed.
  • Grommetville (2 features), Alex's Park (4 features) and Coyote Ridge (7 features) are all planned to open.
  • The Mountain Coaster is scheduled to operate from 1 - 7 pm and s'mores making in Alex's Fun Zone at 3:30. Peak Music Series starts at 8pm in Christiansen's Tavern!

Operating Hours: 8:30 am - 10 pm

Lift Ticket Rates:

Lift tickets are at non-holiday rates.

Check out our upcoming events and activities on the Activities page at


We are watching the weather and planning to make snow ASAP! It looks like there may be a window of opportunity on Thursday night and we are planning to take advantage of it. We will continue to take advantage of all windows of opportunities that come our way next week as well!


Patchy dense fog before 9am. Partly sunny, with a high near 64. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Latest News:  Open 8:30 am - 10 pm. Lift tickets are now at non-holiday rates. Activities going on throughout the week!



Surface Conditions

Machine Groomed - Spring Conditions

Average Base Depths




Recent Snow Fall
(Last 24 hrs)



24 open

17 lighted


5 open

4 lighted


Lift Open
Lift On Hold
Lift Closed
  • Alex's Park Carpet Lift NightDay
  • Triple Chair NightDay
  • Grand Slam NightDay
  • Novice Triple NightDay
  • Berkshire Express NightDay
  • Cricket Triple NightDay
  • Q1 Quad NightDay
  • Carpet Lift NightDay
  • Whites Quad NightDay



Trail Open

Trail Closed

Nightskiing Open

Nightskiing Closed

Recent Snowmaking

No Recent Snowmaking

Easiest Trail Title IconEasiest

  • Easiest Trail Icon Left Bank
  • Easiest Trail Icon John Hancock
  • Easiest Trail Icon Deer Run
  • Easiest Trail Icon Easy Does It
  • Easiest Trail Icon Chipmunk
  • Easiest Trail Icon Jiminy Cricket
  • Easiest Trail Icon 180
  • Easiest Trail Icon Roundabout
  • Easiest Trail Icon Glider
  • Easiest Trail Icon Winding Brook
  • Easiest Trail Icon Grouse Run
  • Easiest Trail Icon Outback
  • Easiest Trail Icon Azalea Path
  • Easiest Trail Icon Lower Glade
  • Easiest Trail Icon Merry Go Round
  • Easiest Trail Icon Upper Slingshot
  • Easiest Trail Icon Lower Slingshot

Low Intermediate Trail Title IconLow Intermediate

  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon West Way
  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Grand Slam
  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Willie's Gulch
  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Raccoon's Den
  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Out To Sea
  • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Scooter

Intermediate Trail Title IconIntermediate

  • Intermediate Trail Icon Panorama
  • Intermediate Trail Icon Riptide
  • Intermediate Trail Icon 360
  • Intermediate Trail Icon Lower Fox
  • Intermediate Trail Icon Exhibition East
  • Intermediate Trail Icon Hot Wheels Glade
  • Intermediate Trail Icon The Mogul Thing

High Intermediate Trail Title IconHigh Intermediate

  • High Intermediate Trail Icon North Glade
  • High Intermediate Trail Icon Upper Fox
  • High Intermediate Trail Icon Lower Exhibition
  • High Intermediate Trail Icon Bear Crossing
  • High Intermediate Trail Icon Noreaster
  • High Intermediate Trail Icon Catacombs

Most Difficult Trail Title IconMost Difficult

  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Ace of Spades
  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Upper Whirlaway
  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Upper Whitetail
  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Lower Whitetail
  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Wild Turkey
  • Most Difficult Trail Icon Cutter

Extremely Difficult Trail Title IconExtremely Difficult

  • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Jericho
  • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Upper Exhibition
  • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Upper Liftline

Mountain Coaster

  • Mountain Coaster SCHEDULED 1 -7 PM

Terrain Park Title IconTerrain Parks

  • Terrain Park Icon Alex's Park
  • Terrain Park Icon Grommetville
  • Terrain Park Icon Coyote Ridge (Large)