The Mountain Coaster is closed today (Tuesday, July 16th).

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    • Jiminy is now closed for the season. Thanks for a great winter and we'll see you this summer at Mountain Adventure, opening Memorial Day weekend!


    Team Snowmageddon will return in November!


    Thinkin' spring

    Latest News:  Closed for the season. Thanks for a great winter. See you Memorial Day weekend at Mountain Adventure!



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    • Alex's Park Carpet Lift NightDay
    • Triple Chair NightDay
    • Grand Slam NightDay
    • Novice Triple NightDay
    • Berkshire Express NightDay
    • Cricket Triple NightDay
    • Q1 Quad NightDay
    • Carpet Lift NightDay
    • Whites Quad NightDay



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    Nightskiing Closed

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    Easiest Trail Title IconEasiest

    • Easiest Trail Icon Left Bank
    • Easiest Trail Icon John Hancock
    • Easiest Trail Icon Deer Run
    • Easiest Trail Icon Easy Does It
    • Easiest Trail Icon Chipmunk
    • Easiest Trail Icon Jiminy Cricket
    • Easiest Trail Icon 180
    • Easiest Trail Icon Roundabout
    • Easiest Trail Icon Glider
    • Easiest Trail Icon Winding Brook
    • Easiest Trail Icon Grouse Run
    • Easiest Trail Icon Outback
    • Easiest Trail Icon Azalea Path
    • Easiest Trail Icon Lower Glade
    • Easiest Trail Icon Merry Go Round
    • Easiest Trail Icon Upper Slingshot
    • Easiest Trail Icon Lower Slingshot

    Low Intermediate Trail Title IconLow Intermediate

    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon West Way
    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Grand Slam
    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Willie's Gulch
    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Raccoon's Den
    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Out To Sea
    • Low Intermediate Trail Icon Scooter

    Intermediate Trail Title IconIntermediate

    • Intermediate Trail Icon Panorama
    • Intermediate Trail Icon Riptide
    • Intermediate Trail Icon 360
    • Intermediate Trail Icon Lower Fox
    • Intermediate Trail Icon Exhibition East
    • Intermediate Trail Icon Hot Wheels Glade
    • Intermediate Trail Icon The Mogul Thing

    High Intermediate Trail Title IconHigh Intermediate

    • High Intermediate Trail Icon North Glade
    • High Intermediate Trail Icon Upper Fox
    • High Intermediate Trail Icon Lower Exhibition
    • High Intermediate Trail Icon Bear Crossing
    • High Intermediate Trail Icon Noreaster
    • High Intermediate Trail Icon Catacombs

    Most Difficult Trail Title IconMost Difficult

    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Ace of Spades
    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Upper Whirlaway
    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Upper Whitetail
    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Lower Whitetail
    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Wild Turkey
    • Most Difficult Trail Icon Cutter

    Extremely Difficult Trail Title IconExtremely Difficult

    • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Jericho
    • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Upper Exhibition
    • Extremely Difficult Trail Icon Upper Liftline

    Mountain Coaster

    • Mountain Coaster CLOSED

    Terrain Park Title IconTerrain Parks

    • Terrain Park Icon Alex's Park
    • Terrain Park Icon Grommetville
    • Terrain Park Icon Coyote Ridge (Large)