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Group Lessons

Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons at Jiminy Peak

At Massachusetts’ Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort, we reimagine the snowsport learning process, making it one of the best places to take a group ski lesson in New England. Stop the frustration of self-teaching and let one of our experienced instructors guide you through with Terrain Based Learning. Terrain Based Learning is a more intuitive style of instruction than you have ever experienced at a ski area. Not only will you learn at a faster rate, but it’s more fun too! We also limit our class sizes, so you can learn in a more intimate setting with maximum instructor time. What’s not to love about that! Our group ski and snowboard lessons will have you confident in your abilities in no time! Book a lesson today!

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Group Lesson Pricing

Group lessons are $89 for a 90 minute lesson and are available on weekends, Holidays, and during Holiday periods only. Availability is limited so pre-purchase is strongly recommended. Please use the Buy Now button below or contact us at 413.738.5500 x 6205 to book your Massachusetts group ski or snowboard lesson. 

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Lift, Lesson & Rental Package

Lift tickets are not included with a Group Lesson. If you would like an all-inclusive package, we have just the thing for you! Our Lift, Lesson & Rental package is just $209 for skiers and riders 13+. That's a $43 savings for adults! The package is also available for those under 13 at a price of just $189. These all-inclusive packages are available on weekends, Holidays, and during Holiday periods, only.    

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Hours of Operation

In the winter, we open at 8:30 am on weekends & Holidays, 9 am weekdays, and close at 10 pm daily. Group ski and snowboard lessons are available at the following times:
•    Group lessons are only available on weekends, Holidays, and during Holiday periods, at 11 am.
•    First Time Ski & Snowboard lessons are available daily every hour, on the hour, from 9 am - 2 pm.
•    KidsRule is available daily, from 9:30 to 3:00 pm and includes a 1-hour supervised lunch break.

Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Group Ski & Snowboard Lessons 

Regular group ski and snowboard lessons are for individuals who have taken at least one prior lesson from a professional instructor. Our regular group ski and snowboard lessons are broken down by skill level. Prior to signing up, please review the descriptions of the various snowsports levels below or the Snowsports Level Chart at the bottom of the page. We want you to have the best experience possible and that starts with group placement. Once you determine your level, our experienced instructors will verify that all participants are in the correct group for their skillset. 


Red Level - 1st Timers

Red Level - First Time Skiers & Snowboarders

Guests who have never had a lesson from a professional instructor should check out our 1st Time Skiing / Snowboarding Lessons. Guests with prior experience and interested in an all-inclusive program can check out our Lift, Rental and Lesson Package, below. 

During our 1st Time Lesson Program, skiers can expect to learn: 

  • Putting on and taking off skis
  • Walking on skis
  • Side-stepping uphill trails
  • Body position
  • Left turns and right turns
  • Stopping on command
  • Speed control
  • Loading and unloading a chairlift

During our 1st Time Lesson Program, snowboarders can expect to learn:

  • Putting on and taking off your snowboard
  • Skating or gliding with one foot in / one foot out
  • Toe-side and heel-side awareness
  • Stopping on command either toe-side or heel-side
  • Loading and unloading a chairlift. 

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Yellow Level

Yellow Level

Yellow is the level after your First Time lesson but still at a beginner level. You will learn how to:

  • Load/unload a chairlift
  • Speed Control
  • Linking wedge turns (skiers)
  • Linking toe side to heel side turns (snowboarders)
  • Going down easier green circle trails

Green Level

Green Level

Green level is for skiers and snowboarders looking to build upon their beginner skill set. During a green lesson, instructors will teach moderate skills that will build upon the basics that have already been learned. 

Skiers will learn:

  • Consistently matching skis in parallel position at the start and end of a turn
  • Proper use of poles
  • Master speed control on all green circle trails

Snowboarders will learn:

  • Consistency in linking toe and heel side turns
  • Master speed control on all green circle trails
  • Introduce switch (backwards) riding

Blue Level

Blue Level

Blue is our intermediate level group ski and snowboard lessons program. During these lessons, guests will begin to explore blue-level runs.

Skiers will learn:

  • Skiing with skis in parallel at all times
  • Carving turns for speed control on steeper slopes

Snowboarders will learn:

  • Link turns while riding switch
  • Carving turns for speed control on steeper slopes
  • Successfully executing small jumps and entry level terrain park skills

Group Ski & Snowboard Lesson Options

1st Timers Ski & Snowboard Lessons

Guests who have never had a lesson from a professional instructor should check out our 1st Time Skiing / Snowboarding Lessons. This is an all-inclusive package that introduces you to skiing and snowboarding the right way. The package includes  The program has two levels, 1st Timers and 2nd Timers.

1st Timer Lesson includes: 

  • All rental equipment, including helmets for everyone and wrist guards for snowboarders
  • 90-minute group lesson
  • Lower Mountain lift ticket (valid until 6 pm)
  • 1st Timer lesson can only be taken once, unless recommended by the instructor or approved by a supervisor.

2nd Timer Lesson includes:

  • All rental equipment, including helmets for everyone and wrist guards for snowboarders
  • 90-minute group lesson
  • All Mountain lift ticket (valid 8 hours)
  • 2nd Timer lesson can only be taken once and must be preceded by a 1st Timer lesson

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Kids Rule

KidsRule is our lesson program built to teach children snowsports from ages 4–14. They are full-day group ski and snowboard lessons with a lift ticket, lunch, and hot coco breaks included. Jiminy Peak’s top-of-the-line instructors will ensure your child will learn:
•    Standing Up
•    Speed Control
•    Turning
•    Stopping
•    Skating & Downhill Movement (skiing)
•    Toe-side & Heel-side Awareness (snowboarding).

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Lift, Rental, and Lesson Package

If you have had some success skiing or snowboarding and are looking to improve before investing money to buy your own equipment, our all-inclusive package is for you. This package gives you everything you will need to have a more enjoyable experience on the Massachusetts slopes. Pre-purchase is required and availability is limited. Package is available on Weekends, Holidays and during Holiday periods only, and includes:
•    8-hour All Mountain lift ticket
•    All rental equipment, including a helmet for everyone and wristguards for snowboarders.
•    90 minute Group Lesson

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Our Instructors

Certified Instructors

New England’s Jiminy Peak makes learning to ski / snowboard, or mastering your skills, easy with our top-notch instructors. Our “core” ski school instructors are members of PSIA or AASI, which means they are the best in the business. Our certified instructors also train non-certified instructors in clinics throughout the season to ensure you get the best experience.

Terrain Based Learning

Terrain Based Learning

Massachusetts’s Jiminy Peak utilizes revolutionary Terrain Based Learning for our ski and snowboard lessons. Particularly beneficial for beginners, Terrain Based Learning allows instructors to teach skills by feel and intuition rather than verbal commands or visual demonstrations. Our Terrain Based Learning methods utilize adaptive activities on snow in our specially designed terrain parks to control speed, change directions and introduce vertical motion (weighting and unweighting). And did we mention it’s more fun? This approach to learning is more like recess for beginner skiers / snowboarders and less like a boring classroom.  

Ready to Hit the Slopes with Confidence?

New England’s Jiminy Peak is the perfect place to master your snowsports skills be it skiing or snowboarding. Between our highly experienced instructors, small group sizes, and Terrain Based Learning, our group lessons create an effective and unique learning experience. Reserve your spot today and see how truly easy it is to build your ski and snowboard skills in Massachusetts with Jiminy Peak! 

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