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1st Time Ski / Snowboard Lessons

1st Time Lessons


Beginner Skiing and Snowboarding Lessons

Our ski resort provides one of the best beginner skiing and snowboarding experiences in Massachusetts designed for ages 6 and up, who have never had a lesson from a professional or those who have not been on the slopes in many years. Our 1st Time Skiing / Snowboarding Lesson package provides everything you need for a day on the slopes including rentals, lift access and instruction. Jiminy’s beginner ski and snowboarding lessons are run out of the Doc Maynard Building and utilizes specialized equipment, combined with Terrain Based Learning, to create a self-contained, dedicated learning environment, specifically designed for beginner skiers and snowboarders. Our 1st Time Skiing / Snowboarding Lesson program makes learning quicker, easier and way more fun in Massachusetts! 

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Here’s What’s Included in Our Beginner Ski and Snowboard Lessons

Jiminy Peak wants to make it effortless for all of our guests to experience the thrills of a new snowsport in Massachusetts, so we’ve specifically designed our 1st Time Skiing / Snowboarding Lesson packages to make it easy for you to hit the slopes this season. Here’s what you need to know about our beginner ski and snowboarding packages: 

  • Level I lesson includes all rental equipment, 90 minute group lesson, and a Lower Mountain lift ticket (valid until 6 pm).

    • $139 Mid-week, non-holiday

    • $159 Weekends, holidays and during holiday periods.

    • Level I may only be taken once, unless approved by the program supervisor.

  • Level II lesson includes all rental equipment, 90-minute group lesson and Full Mountain lift ticket (valid 8 hours).

    • $179 - available weekends, holidays and during holiday periods, at 10 am and 1 pm, only.

    • Level II may only be taken once. 

Lessons are available every hour, on the hour, from 9 am - 2 pm. Reservations and pre-purchase is strongly recommended. Please book a time by using the Buy Now button below,or by contacting us at 413.738.5500 x6207. 

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Our beginner ski and snowboard lesson prices include all necessary rental equipment, including boots, a helmet for everyone, and wrist guards for snowboarders. You can utilize your lift ticket after your lesson has ended to practice the skills you have been shown. Please return all rental equipment to the Doc Maynard building when you are finished for the day. If you are in a Level II lesson and finish after 6 pm, you can return your rental equipment to the main rental shop, located in the Thacher building.  

Shred the Mountain With Confidence 

Learning to ski for beginners is not as easy as it might seem, especially if you are using online videos or begging your friends to teach you this winter. Booking a beginner ski or snowboard lesson in Massachusetts before you hit the slopes your first time makes for a way more enjoyable and easier experience. Our seasoned team of instructors will be able to flatten your learning curve by providing you with feedback on what you can do specifically to improve your skills and abilities. Our Terrain Based Learning area also creates one of most efficient, fun, and easiest beginner skiing and snowboarding experiences in Massachusetts. Combined with our expert instructors, Terrain Based Learning leads to increased confidence and skill levels in a shorter time frame compared to traditional beginner skiing or snowboarding lessons. 

Skills Learned During Beginner Skiing Sessions

During your beginner skiing lesson you will learn: 

  • Putting on / taking off skis

  • Walking on skis

  • Side-stepping uphill trails

  • Body position

  • Left turns and right turns

  • Stopping on command

  • Speed control

  • Loading and unloading a chairlift. 

It is our goal to cover all beginner skiing skills, however it is possible that not all participants will learn all skills mentioned. Instructors will reinforce positive progress and suggest next steps at the end of the beginner ski lesson. 

Skills Learned During Beginner Snowboarding Lessons

During your beginner snowboarding lesson you will learn: 

  • How to put on and take off your snowboard

  • Skating or gliding with one foot out / one foot in

  • Toe-side and heel-side awareness

  • Stopping on command either toe-side or heel-side

  • How to Load and unload a chairlift. 

It is our goal to cover all beginner snowboarding skills, however it is possible that not all participants will learn all skills mentioned. Instructors will reinforce positive progress and suggest next steps at the end of the lesson.  

Ready to Learn to Ski or Snowboard Like a Pro? 

Jiminy Peak’s Terrain Based Learning for beginner skiing and snowboarding lessons creates one of the best first time experiences in Massachusetts. Participants will learn how to ski or snowboard in a specially designed area for beginners that teaches skills based on feel and your own intuition. Reserve your spot today and see how truly easy it is to learn a new snowsport in Massachusetts with Jiminy Peak! 

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Terrain Based Learning

With Jiminy’s revolutionary Terrain Based Learning our beginner ski / snowboard lessons are able to teach skills by feel and intuition rather than verbal commands or visual demonstrations. Our Terrain Based Learning methods use adaptive activities on snow in our specially designed terrain parks to control speed, change directions and introduce vertical motion (weighting and unweighting). And did we mention it’s more fun? This approach to learning is more like recess for beginner skiers / snowboarders and less like a boring classroom.