Cloudy, 31
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Snow Report

» Last Update: 12:00pm, Monday 22nd December 2014

Monday Day #22. Operating hours 9 am - 10 pm. Widow White's Peak will run 9 am - 4 pm. Lift tickets are at non-holiday rates. We have plenty of trails to choose from with 100% of our snowmaking terrain open for the day!

We'll be roping off a few of our regularly featured Night trails due to technical difficulties. Trails include Ace of Spades, John Hancock, Grand Slam, and lower West Way. Other than those few changes, the mountain is in prime condition! 

We will be operating Widow White's Quad this morning from 9am - 4pm.

Cloudy for most of today with a chance of snowfall early in the day. The high is 35. 



Temperature at time of report
Today's Weather

Cloudy, 31
3.5 mph

Surface Conditions
Machine Groomed Loose Granular
Average Base Depths
Acres Open
158 acres, 12.0 miles
Recent Snow Fall
(Last 24 hrs)
Trails Open
38 open
13 lighted
Lifts Open
5 open
3 lighted


Lifts & Trails


Lift NameDayNight
Alex's Park Carpet Lift Closed
Triple Chair Closed
Grand Slam Closed
Novice Triple Open Night Skiing
Berkshire Express Open Night Skiing
Lift NameDayNight
Cricket Triple Open Night Skiing
Q1 Quad Closed
Carpet Lift Open
Whites Quad Open



Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Left Bank Open Night Skiing
John Hancock Open
Deer Run Open
Easy Does It Open
Chipmunk Open Night Skiing
Jiminy Cricket Open Night Skiing
180 Open Night Skiing
Roundabout Open
Glider Open
Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Winding Brook Open
Grouse Run Open Night Skiing
Outback Open
Azalea Path Closed
Lower Glade Open Night Skiing
Merry Go Round Open
Upper Slingshot Open Night Skiing
Lower Slingshot Open Night Skiing


Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Panorama Open
Riptide Open
360 Open Night Skiing
Lower Fox Open
Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Exhibition East Open Night Skiing
Hot Wheels Glade Closed
The Mogul Thing Open


Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
West Way Open
Grand Slam Open
Willie's Gulch Open
Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Raccoon's Den Open
Out To Sea Closed
Scooter Closed


Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
North Glade Open Night Skiing
Upper Fox Open
Lower Exhibition Open
Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Bear Crossing Open
Noreaster Open
Catacombs Closed

Most Difficult

Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Ace of Spades Open
Upper Whirlaway Open Snowmaking
Upper Whitetail Open Night Skiing
Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Lower Whitetail Open Night Skiing
Wild Turkey Open Snowmaking
Cutter Open

Extremely Difficult

Trail NameStatusNight SkiingSnowmaking
Jericho Open Snowmaking
Upper Exhibition Closed
Upper Liftline Closed

Terrain Parks & Mountain Coaster

Park NameStatus
Alex's Park (Large) Open
Grommetville Open
Coyote Ridge (Large) Open
Mountain Coaster Closed

Please read and understand the Mountain User's Responsibility Code prior to skiing or riding. Be aware that Snowmkg and grooming may be in progress at any time on open trails. Thin Cover or Icy Spots May Occur Due to weather and Skier Traffic. Trail and lift availability are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Ski Patrol.


Snowmaking Blog

Dec 7, 2014

The Wicked Winds From The East

Wow! The first month of snowmaking season has been a wild ride!  We’ve had a water drought, rain deluges, snow blizzards, record lows temps, record high temp, and winds from every direction. Take your compass and flick it with your finger and that is where the winds are blowing from, well today anyway. You know that old saying, if you don’t like the weather then wait a minute…..

For us, THE WORST direction for the wind to blow from is the east and that covers south east through north east which is half of the compass. An easterly wind makes it impossible to make snow from 86% of the hydrant locations due to the snow blowing back on the snow gun or in the woods.  Our pipelines are located on the west side of the trails by design because the NORMAL wind direction in the winter is from the northwest allowing the snow to cover the trails to the east of the pipeline.

Later today, we will be starting up snowmaking with dropping temperatures and a stiff northwest wind. (As I am writing this it is already 17 degrees wet bulb at the summit) I am sure you know and appreciate; the Snowmageddon Team minimizes the number of gun operating on open skiing terrain. We will be lighting up the snowmaking on the trails that are closed with nearly 60 guns. As soon as the Resort closes (today at 4pm), we will be starting another 70 guns to grab the cold temperatures and favorable winds to get down as much base as possible before the wicked winds of the east come our way tonight. Those winds will force us to back down snowmaking to one compressor running only 60 guns at 10 degrees. That is so frustrating, when we could be running triple that number! If the wind would only blow from the west!

Cursing the weather, which can be a full time job for a snowmaker, unfortunately does not get us anywhere.  For example, the current forecast for a storm due to hit Tuesday(ish) is a range from 2 inches of rain to 2 feet of snow. It does make me scratch my head though. Yes, I have my fingers crossed that it will be snow, of course.

The Snowmageddon crews are getting their gear on, pumps and compressors are ready, reservoirs are full. We are locked and loaded and going to fire when we see the whites of their eyes! Whichever direction the winds blow, we will be doing our best to lay down as much of that wonderful white stuff as fast as we can to cover and open as much terrain as possible. Because, after all, we are skiers and boarders too!




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