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The Start of a New Season by Luke Hughes

The Start of a New Season by Luke Hughes

Author: Luke Hughes/Friday, December 28, 2018/Categories: Trail Mix

Luke Hughes
    U16 JPRT
    From Pelham, NY
    December 10, 2018

 Ski season is finally here…and Jiminy Peak Race Team practice has finally started! I’ve been looking forward to December 8 & 9 since last March, when last year’s ski season ended. Why? Because skiing is my favorite sport and being up at Jiminy Peak is what I love most. Even though we only live 2.5 hours away, coming here for 15 or 16 weekends during the winter months is what I look forward to the most during the year. In fact, knowing that ski season is right around the corner is what gets me through the first few months of school each fall. This year will be my fifth year on the Jiminy Peak Race Team. I am in 8th grade, and turned 14 at the end of November. I’ll be one of the youngest in the U16 age group. I have a sister in U14 and another sister in U10.

    We came up to get new boots in October, but forgot to try on last year’s ski clothes. I guess my parents didn’t realize that since my sisters’ and my feet each grew two or three sizes that we probably should have checked how everything else fit too. On the morning of our first practice we realized that our boots fit great, but nothing else did! We spent the morning trading and borrowing clothes from each other — and showed up on the first day looking a little crazy. My little sister even realized at our locker that she had two left boots (thankfully Coach Garrick happened to have two right boots in the same size in the coaches office). Oops! Next year we’ll be more organized. I’m sure a lot of the other racers had the same problem. That was the first thing I noticed on the first day — how much everyone had grown. Me and my sisters got a lot of new ski stuff for Christmas so now we’re ready to go. The other thing I noticed is how empty the mountain is the two weeks before Christmas. It feels like the race team kids are the only ones on the mountain — it’s the best feeling in the world to have the whole mountain to yourself.

    One of the things that makes being on the JPRT so great is that we have season passes and can take advantage of lots of mountain perks. For example, on the second Sunday of every month, the mountain has First Tracks for season pass holders. This is where we can all get free cinnamon buns and hot chocolate in the morning at Henrik’s (at the top of the 6-pack). The racers love First Tracks (but I’m pretty sure the coaches don’t because for the first few hours of practice we always cut out to load up on sugar). This is for all season pass holders I think — but it’s never really crowded. Maybe the other skiers don’t know about it? Another great perk of ski team is that we get to ski with our friends and great coaches and we are FREE all day long. My parents usually make dinner plans with the parents of the kids we ski with. The worst part about these ski weekends is doing my homework in the car going home and knowing it will be five long days until we’re back.

   I am really excited for this season and I am sure all of the other race families are as well.


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