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The Excitement of A New Season by Luke Hughes

The Excitement of A New Season by Luke Hughes

Author: Luke Hughes/Monday, January 8, 2018/Categories: Trail Mix

I’ve been waiting for December to arrive since last March. Why? Because that’s when ski season ended and I said goodbye to my ski coaches and teammates... and Jiminy Peak. I wouldn’t be back for nine long months. Last winter was one of the best winters of my life because I made new friends whose houses I visited for sleepovers, dinners and get-togethers. I was on the U14 division as a new 12 year old (my birthday is in November), which means it felt a little more serious than the years before. The season started off rocky because I broke my brand new racing pole on my very last run of the first day of practice. We had  learned to sit on our poles when we get on the chair lift. But when I got off, my pole snapped like a toothpick because it got caught in the back of the chair. Luckily, that was the only bad thing that happened to me during the season. My coach lent me one of his extra poles so my parents didn’t have to buy another one right away.
We have a condo at the mountain that is not very big, so whenever it was our turn to have our friends over, we had them over for cheese and crackers and then walked with them to John Harvards. While our parents sat at the restaurant, all of us kids spent hours and countless quarters trying to win stuffed animals and plastic balls downstairs in the basement. We thought the highlight of our night was winning the balls, but what I always realized when leaving every Sunday, was that the highlight was really hanging out with our friends. Sometimes we went on hikes through the woods behind Country Village and ended our adventures at the Country Inn with some hot chocolate. I feel like Jiminy Peak is my home. On Friday nights in the car, my family pays close attention to the thermometer. We love watching the temperature drop as we get closer to the mountain. My favorite part of the trip is turning onto Corey Road with all the lights and the beautiful lights and snowy mountain and all of the trails lit up.
Now that the 2017-18 season has started, I realize there is nothing better than meeting up with our old friends and creating new ones at Jiminy Peak. My sisters, my friends and I all showed up to the mountain last Saturday morning wearing our shiny and sharpened new skis, boots and poles, helmets and all the other gear you need to stay warm and safe. We noticed there are a lot of changes at the mountain this year. There is a reservoir at the top of Upper Exhibition, near Upper Lift Line. You also can’t miss the huge snow making machines in action. My parents told me that it’s supposed to be an amazing winter. I can’t wait for another great ski season.

Luke Hughes
Pelham, NY

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