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Mama Nature - She Giveth & She Taketh Away....

Mama Nature - She Giveth & She Taketh Away....

Author: Tyler/Thursday, March 2, 2017/Categories: Trail Mix

Mama Nature-  She giveth and she taketh away!  Needless to say it has been a rollercoaster ride of a season for those of us in this business.  We have been given some of the best snow conditions in recent history, and yet we have also seen 70 degrees in February.  The past 24 hours have certainly been a perfect example; it was 51 degrees at 2 am and right now it is 3 degrees with the wind chill at the top of Jiminy.  This will test a teams moxy for sure.  Fortunately, we do this recovery dance as well as anyone.  The groomers have been going strong and we are starting up snowmaking tonight.  We typically don’t make snow in March (in fact, prior to last year, Brian can’t remember the last time we did) but we will make snow the next three nights to give our guests the best snow surface we can.  You have to be a “glass-half-full” kinda person to spend a career in this business.

At Jiminy, we are fortunate to have SnowSat (measurement of snow depth from our grooming machines) and that has been very helpful in helping us to move snow where we need it.  It help us to know exactly how much snow is on every square in of the mountain….to the inch.  That is invaluable information when planning snowmaking and grooming (we are one of three resorts in the country with this technology).  Despite this little thaw, we are shooting to be open at Jiminy until April 16th on Whitetail.

It look like weather returns to the Northeast this weekend and we are anticipating a nice weekend for skiing/riding at all 3 of our resorts.  Keep your fingers crossed, my gravity addicted friends, it would be nice to have a good March for skiing.

Talk to you soon.


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