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Latest News:  Daily operations have ended for the 17/18 winter season. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski and ride with us!
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Author: Jim Van Dyke/Friday, November 18, 2016/Categories: Blog


After a couple to false starts, umm, I mean, pressure testing and equipmentoperation exercises, we are ready to start up the snowmaking season for real.

The weatherman has given us the go ahead that there is some cold weather on our doorstep although you would never know that from looking out the window…  Sunny and near 60 degrees…. And I don’t know how he knows that Sunday will be windy and snowy by looking out his window today.


But anyway….

The hill is set and the crews are not well rested due to all the last minute issues and projects that must be completed, but they are excited as hell! Adrenaline always beats fatigue!

Start-up will be Sunday night after the cold front blows through with chilly North West winds and we will be starting close to 140 Sledgehammer™ Snow Guns and putting around 6,000 gallons per minute as snow on the slopes using only 6,000 cubic feet of air per minute. Air to Water Ratio of 1:1. Incredible!

Last year our Air/Water Ratio for the whole season was 3:1 and our maximum water flow was 5,000 gallon per minute! The improvement for this year is the new snowgun that we have been developing. We changed every one of the tower heads on the mountain to the new Sledgehammer™ and you will see a tremendous change in the amount of snow on the slopes in short periods of time.  Sounds like our weather here in the Berkshires…If you don’t like it, just wait a minute!

For now, let’s all focus on this upcoming Sunday through Thursday and getting some snow down! If the weather goes as predicted we will have over 95 acre feet on snow on 44 acres of skiiing and will have used 10% of the snowmaking water budget in less than 4 days. Then the snowmakers can get rest with full bellies for Thanksgiving Turkey while they refill the now empty snowmaking water reservoirs.

So Bring It On Mother Nature!  – We are ready to go! – Giddy Up Ole Girl!


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