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Latest News:  Daily operations have ended for the 17/18 winter season. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski and ride with us!
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Taking Advantage of a Short Window of Opportunity

Taking Advantage of a Short Window of Opportunity

Author: Jim/Monday, December 21, 2015/Categories: Blog

And after this sprint?   Did I say sprint? I meant stint!

Team Snowmageddon did an awesome job of using every hour that was available to them and churning out feet of snow. They were able to make snow on the top two thirds of the mountain for (56 hrs)  from Friday night through Monday morning  and close to the same on the bottom third (44 hrs) with the only shut down for a few hours in the base on Sunday.  If the temperatures are there then Snowmageddon is “ON”.

The team is again working on getting more of the LPX-Y technology in use on the main trails like 180 and 360. The upper trails like West Way, Back Chute and North and Lower Glades are Sledge Hammered. Take a look at this picture showing 8 feet of snow on Lower Glade. That is just crazy! But very true!

The team converted approximately 14 ,000,000 gallons of water, making 70 acre feet of snow,  and used about  172,000 kWh of electricity in 56 hours of snowmaking.  Compared to last year that is a 30% increase in the amount of water converted using the same energy AND doing it in less time!

 But the really big question is how well the slopes will survive the next 5 days.  We will open on Saturday at 9am for skiing with a trail count TDB.  We have made a lot of snow, but it is forecasted to rain some and be really warm. 65 degrees on Christmas Eve…Really?

What does the weather man say about any upcoming cold/cooler weather?…not that we really listen…. But,  right now they say there is an outside chance of some snowmaking Friday Night up high at 28 degrees on the mountain and Saturday Night over the entire mountain at 23 degrees.. If any of that is true will have to wait to see but Team Snowmageddon will be here, ready to pounce on every opportunity.

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