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Latest News:  Daily operations have ended for the 17/18 winter season. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski and ride with us!
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It's All About Results

Author: Jim/Friday, December 18, 2015/Categories: Blog

So far this snowmaking year, the Snowmageddon snowmakers have been getting ready. They have been tweaking this and moving that, replacing and repairing, trying to be in the best possible condition to take advantage of any break from the warm weather that might come along.

We are ready!

The snowmakers have actually stopped checking the five different weather news feeds, six times a day. They have stopped listening to the TV weather reports. They are tired of hearing the “bad” news of how warm it is and how much rain is forecasted.

Arrrggha!!!!    Rage and Frustration!!!!!

We are fed up with having the best plans and an awesome snowmaking system ready to rock and roll to turn the Resort white with snow and have it just sit there.

The Snowmageddon Snowmakers are a Team ready for Action!

Well, just to let you in on some new news. There is a weather window quickly approaching that will relieve some the snowmaker’s tension.  There are temperatures coming that starting tonight that will allow all the pent up wrath and fury to be released in the form of snow on our slopes. For close to sixty hours over this weekend they will be running rampant! They will be terrorizing the slopes, covering them with feet of snow over 37 acres of skiing terrain at a tremendous rate of gallons per minute. They will go all out to beat their own records of how fast they can get the system up and running. Of how many gallons they convert to snow over this weekend and shattering the boundaries of maxing out the gallons of water per minute converted to snow.

Oh yes they are poised for a sprint!

The Snowmageddon Team is not looking beyond this race. They have a specific goal in mind.
To have their  Snowmageddon Sledge Hammer Snow withstand the perils of the weather that Mother Nature is going the throw at it through all of next week and come out victorious and survive until the next snowmaking weather window gets here.  They are looking forward to seeing you enjoy the snow and they have worked so hard to cover the slopes with. They are looking for results.

And after this sprint?  The marathon will begin….

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