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Latest News:  Daily operations have ended for the 17/18 winter season. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski and ride with us!
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No Pressure Here!

Author: Jim Van Dyke/Saturday, December 24, 2016/Categories: Blog

No Pressure Here!
Pressure – The state of being pressed or compressed.

To Date the Snowmakers have made snow 245 hours and converted 67M gallons of water into snow. Last
Year - a terrible year those numbers were 169 hours and 30M gallons.

The difference has a twofold cause. The first is a little more cold weather, brought in with short weather windows………..pressure on the crews and the system to utilize each and every hour the temperature is below 27⁰ Wet Bulb. The second cause is our new snowmaking gun, the Sledgehammer™, which uses 50% more water and 60% less compressed air than the snowmaking gun we used last year. More water converted…faster….means pressure. Last year we converted our snowmaking water at an average rate of 3,000 gallons per minute. This year, the average is 4,400 gallons per minute converted.  More snow on the slopes in a shorter period of time.

Do you remember any time last year that there was this much snow on the hill?

The benefits are pretty obvious, right? The base is listed on the Snow Report at 20” to 48”, (but between you and me the base is deeper than that) on 142.8 acres of snowmaking terrain representing 33 trails. Of course we have 37 open right now, but that is mostly Mother Nature and partly snowmaking accomplishment.

We will be blasting Jericho, Bear Crossing next.

Pressure… is there a down side? Nah…….

The Snowmakers got this!

Ahhh… The Snowmakers……

The snowmakers really are the heart of the resort and I readily admit I am biased about that. Without them we would not have the snow base or the skiing surface that we have. If you haven’t been out yet this year, you need to get out. The conditions have been phenomenal! Anyway.. The snowmakers… You can’t ask for a better group of people who really care about what they do at work, under very harsh conditions, with a smile on their face and usually ski boots or snowboard boots in their lockers because this is not just a job