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Wind: 15 MPH
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Latest News:  Daily operations have ended for the 17/18 winter season. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski and ride with us!
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Guest Guide

We want to make your trip to Jiminy Peak easy and fun! Here you will find a list of the questions we are asked most frequently.


Things to Reserve

Lessons – Some lesson types include a lift ticket and handle their own rentals… so it’s best to settle any lesson holders first as to avoid any unnecessary trips around the base area

Tickets – You should purchase your tickets online! When you purchase through our E-store, you save $5 on each ticket! Our lift tickets are a special type that can be reloaded and reused each time you come to Jiminy! RFID technology has allowed us to make it possible for those already with a lift ticket, to reload online and skip the ticket line! For single day lift tickets, you'll need to purchase from a Ticket Window. 

Lodging – Looking to get away and stay with us? You’ve got options! We offer suites with our Country Inn and for a little more room you can reserve one of our Vacation Homes! Both are on site and a few steps from the slopes! 


Suggested Equipment

We have all of the necessary equipment available on site for purchase if need be!

Skis / Bindings / Boots / Poles
Snowboard /  Bindings / Boots / Leash
Tall, Warm Socks (1 PAIR – reduce risk of blisters)
Water Resistant Pants / Jacket / Gloves
Helmet / Hat
Facemask / Neck Warmer
Layers – you can add items if you get chilly or remove them if you get too warm.   


Do you offer Day Care?

We do! The Cub's Den is a supervised playroom for children 6 months or older who prefer indoor play. The cost is $15 per child, per hour (2 hour minimum) and advanced reservations are required. Cub's Den hours are:

◾Mid-week, non-holiday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
◾Weekends, Holidays & Holiday periods 8:00 am - 6 pm
◾Every Friday & Saturday until 9:00 pm   

Lunch is $8. Reservations can be made by calling 413.738.5500 ext. 3410.

What is there to do besides ski?

Jiminy's Winter Mountain Adventure will thrill skiers and non-skiers alike. Take a spin on the Mountain Coaster as it twists and turns through the trees at speeds up to 23 mph! The Soaring Eagle Zip Ride doubles the fun because it can be shared. Two guests, side by each, are whisked 800' up the mountain and then zipped back down to a thrilling landing. Winter Mountain Adventure is open weekends, holidays and holiday periods throughout the winter season, weather and conditions permitting. 

Grab your snowshoes, or rent them from Mountain Sports by Potter Brothers, and explore our snowshoe trail network. Get an great aerobic workout and view some incredible vistas by circumnavigating the resort trails or take a quiet, peaceful journey through our forested walking trails. Either way we're sure you'll see Jiminy from a completely different perspective. 

Looking to explore the Berkshires? Visit to learn of all the wonderul attractions that Western Massachusetts has to offer!

Drive Through Video Guide

This video shows a tutorial of driving through Jiminy Peak's grounds. On busier days, it's usually best to follow the parking attendants to the nearest open parking spot, as to avoid the drop off zone lines and head directly to the slope via one of our shuttles. 


Park (Quickest Way to Mountain)

The quickest way to the slopes is to follow the guidance of the parking staff. They will be there to guide you to the next available parking spot. From there, it's either a short walk to the base, or you can hop on one of our many shuttles, and be dropped off right at the base of the mountain. Shuttle service is very frequent, and circumvents the congestion of our load zone during busy times.

Valet (Weekends & Holidays after Dec. 14th)

This option is great for those with a big crowd or for those on their way to a lesson. Only $25! After turning onto Jiminy's access road, follow resort signage for VALET SERVICE. The valet attendants will be awaiting your arrival. They also offer the convenience of cell service for departure. Simply call them when you are getting ready to depart, and they will have your vehicle warm and ready for you!

Drop Off

Continue along Jiminy's access road and you will be led directly into the drop off zone. There are limited spots available which need to be shared by all; so unload promptly and continue on to park to be courteous to those waiting behind you.

Country Inn / Vacation Homes

For those of you checking in to either a Country Inn Suite or one of our Vacation Homes, you'll want to make your way to the Front Desk of the Country Inn. There is a separate parking lot and drop off zone if you follow the signs to your right while on the access road.


Things to Know

Our lift tickets use RFID Technology which provide added benefit to your Jiminy experience! One of the major benefits is being able to add another day to your ticket from the comfort of your own home and allowing you to go straight to the lifts!

We recommend you purchase your tickets online. There are multiple online options that allow you to save money over the posted window rate.      

A lift ticket is required by all mountain users. Children 5 and under can ski or ride for free on the lower mountain (Cricket & Novice Triple lifts) but still require a lift ticket.  

I purchased online, do I still need to go to a Ticket Window?

If you make your initial lift ticket purchase online, you must report to a Ticket Window to pick up your physical RFID card, upon arrival. You can pick up your RFID card at any Ticket Window. If you are reloading an RFID card you already have, you may proceed directly to the lifts.

Where to Find it...

The Ticket Windows are located outside the Crane Lodge. Climb the stairs in the Center Courtyard and you will find the Ticket Porch straight ahead. On weekends and holidays, there will be Mountain Ambassadors in Orange jackets along the way to help guide you!

Can I get a refund?

If you're not satisfied with our snow conditions within 2 runs or 30 minutes of your first gate access, whichever comes first, bring your receipt and lift ticket/Axess card to Tickets or Guest Services and receive a Jiminy Peak gift card for the amount paid. Jiminy Peak gift cards have no expiration date and are good for any goods or services at Jiminy, except food & beverage.

Can I Share?

Each RFID ticket and pass is programmed for one person only. The scanner gates, monitored by Lift Attendants, can detect for whom the ticket was intended. 

Do you offer any Packages?

The Day Package includes a lesson, lift ticket and rentals! This package is for sale only at the Rental Department, located in the Thatcher building.

Do you offer any Discounts?

Visit our Deals Page for all the ways to save!

Questions about your RFID card?

Q: What is RFID?
Radio-frequency identification. RFID is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.

Q: What is an Axess Jiminy Card?
The Axess Jiminy Card is an RFID ticketing system. A small RFID tag is integrated in a plastic card, similar in size to a credit card. As you approach the Axess gate the RFID tag will be read by a scanner and, if valid, the gate opens allowing access to the lifts.

Q: Where should I carry my Axess Jiminy Card?
You must carry your Axess Jiminy Card in a pocket, by itself. Ideally, it should be on the left or right side of your person, above your knees and below your shoulders. It should be kept away from your cell phone, iPod, car keys or any foil wrapped items, such as chewing gum or cold medicine. You should carry only ONE Axess Jiminy Card in your pocket at a time!

Q: Why are we using the Axess Jiminy Card and RFID technology?
There are many guest benefits to RFID technology. First and foremost, it is capable of direct to lift access. After the initial purchase of your Axess Jiminy Card, you will be able to reload the card online, at any time. If reloaded online, you may proceed directly to the lifts upon arrival. No need to stop at the ticket window. Secondly, your day on the slopes does not begin until the first time through the Axess gate. No time penalty for getting the kids in learning programs, having a nice breakfast or just sleeping in.

Q: What do I do if I lose my Axess Jiminy Card?
Daily Axess Jiminy cards will not be replaced if lost. A new lift ticket must be re-purchased at any ticket window. Season Pass holders who lose their Axess card may go to the Season Pass window in Crane Lodge where they will be issued a new pass, for $5, 1 time only.
Q: Can I punch a hole in my Axess Jiminy card?
No. Holes must never be punched in the Axess Jiminy Cards. The card has an antenna inside that surrounds the RFID tag. Any damage to the surrounding antenna will render the card inactive and the card must be replaced. A replacement fee is required.  


Where is it located?

Thatcher Building is located in the Village Center. When you are facing the mountain, it will be clearly labeled to your left.

What are the hours?

The register is open from 8:30am - 9:00pm, though the shop is open until 10pm if you are in need of a late night equipment drop off.

When is the best time to rent?

The rental shop is busiest from 9:30am - 11:30am. For your convenience, the register is open until 9pm to give you plenty of opportunity to avoid the rush.

For those of you taking lessons, be sure to consider the time needed to get fitted to equipment. It can sometimes take up to 90 minutes on busy weekends and holidays for the first time visitor to be fitted with all the needed equipment. Plan accordingly so that you arrive at your lesson on time. 

Keep in mind that the GET program, KidsRule program and Group & Privates lessons all handle their rentals separately. GET participants are outfitted in the Doc Maynard building, KidsRule participants are outfitted in the Burbank Center and those taking Group or Private lessons will be outfitted in the main rental shop, located in the Thatcher Building. If you are unsure where to go just tell any staff member what program you have signed up for and they will gladly direct you to the right location. 

Can I pick up my equipment the night before without being charged?

Definitely! You are free to pick up the night before by going to the Thatcher building between 7pm-9pm.

Do you offer any Packages?

We do! The Day Package includes Rental Equipment, a Group Lesson, and a Lift Ticket! You can only sign up for this package in person at our rental shop. Adults (13+) $145; Junior (<13) $130.

Can I pre-order?

We do not pre-order or take phone reservations for rental equipment. However, you may pre-register for rentals on our website. Pre-registering means your information will be on file in our rental system prior to arrival. Equipment is not reserved or guaranteed. Rentals are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registering will save time because you will not need to fill out forms upon arrival. Simply give your name to the cashier, your information will be retrieved and payment can be made. Pre-register now.

Rental equipment is guaranteed for those persons pre-registered in our KidsRule or GET Skiing/Riding programs.

Any upgrades?

We do not carry any upgrades in performance when it comes to our line of rental equipment. Although, you do have the option to demo select skis and snowboards from Mountain Sports by Potter Brothers, located in the Burbank building, right next to the rental shop. 

Can I keep my equipment overnight?

If you are signed up for multi-day rentals, you are more than welcome to hold on to your gear overnight!

What if I only need one item? Can I use my own boots with your skis?

We do not recommend mixing your equipment with our rentals. This can end up being a bit more expensive because of industry regulations that require specific testing for acceptable functionality. 

Can I buy lift tickets in Rentals?

The staff in rentals does have the ability to sell lift tickets and minimize the time you have to spend in lines!

Can I switch between skis and a snowboard?

Certainly! We know how difficult it can be sometimes to figure out what you want to take on, so in case you change your mind, you are allowed 1 free switch per day!


Level Chart

Get Skiing and Snowboarding

Based in the Doc Maynard Building, this program is specifically for first time skiers and riders, over the age of 6. If you have never taken a lesson from a trained professional before, or it has been many years since your last experience (equipment technology and teaching methodology have changed dramatically!) then this is the program for you. Visit the Get Skiing and Snowboarding page for details, including pricing.


Kids really do rule! So we felt there should be a program created just for them. Based in the Burbank Center, this full day lesson program is designed specifically for kids ages 3-14 of all ability levels. Many children start skiing or snowboarding in KidsRule and take it up all the way until they master the double black diamonds. Visit the KidsRule page for basics such as lesson time and pricing information.

Group Lessons

Based out of the Snowsports desk on the ground floor of JJ's Lodge, group lessons are available for anyone ages 6+ who has taken at least 1 lesson from a a trained professional. Group lessons are available for yellow, green and blue level skiers or snowboarders (see level chart for more information) and you will be paired with other skiers/snowboarders of similar ability levels. Visit the Group Lessons page for more details.

Private Lessons

Would you prefer one on one attention? Then this is for you! Private lessons are great for anyone wanting specific attention and instruction. Also based out of the Snowsports desk in the lower level of JJ's Lodge, private lessons are open to all ability levels for those over the age of 3. Visit the Private Lesson page for the basics.


Where do I check in?

For those staying at either the Country Inn or in one of our Vacation Homes, you are to Check in and Check out at the Front Desk of the Country Inn.

What are Check In and Check Out Times?

Check in is at 4pm and Check out is at 10:30am.

Are there meals included with the rooms?

All of our accommodations have Kitchenettes or Kitchens. We also have restaurants on premise. No meals are included.

Is there a pool, hot tub or a sauna?

We have an outdoor heated pool, one indoor and one outdoor hot tub, and a his/her sauna! During the winter, the outside facilities are open only when the outside temperature is 25° F or higher.

Do you have cots or cribs?

We have cot rentals for $15/night and Portacribs for $10/night.

Is there daily Maid Service?

The Country Inn Suites have daily maid service, but our Vacation Homes do not have daily Maid Service.

What is included in our Package Pricing?

Our Ski Package Pricing includes 2 Adult Lift Tickets, valid through your entire stay. Learn more about Lodging Deals.

Are we pet friendly?

We are not, though, we can suggest a local kennel if needed.

How old do you have to be to reserve one of our accommodations?

You must be 21 years of age or older.


Christiansen's Tavern

Open daily for lunch at 11:30am
Weekends & Holidays: Open for breakfast 7:30am-10:30am

Pub Food at its finest! Giant nachos, burgers, bountiful salads, creative sandwiches and wraps, vegetarian specialties, award winning checken wings and a huge selection of draft beers. Our rustic tavern awaits you. NFL Sunday ticket offers your favorite game on our wide screen TV's. 

413.738.5500 ext. 3200

John Harvard's

Open for dinner 5pm - 9pm; Bar open later as needed.
Food served until 9pm Sunday - Thursday, 10pm Friday & Saturday

Weekends & Holidays
Open for Lunch at 11:30am

JJ's Lodge

Operating every day and evening of the ski season, our state of the art food court features burgers, pizza, children's selections, and our famous cinnamon rolls. Be sure to visit John Harvard's Express - offering an extensive variety of soups, chillies, artisan breads, a create your own burrito station as well as a selection of John Harvard's handcrafted beer. Market Square offers gourmet salads, hummus, yogurt parfaits, granola and soy milk. 

Weekday, Non-Holiday: Open 8:30am - 10pm*
Weekends & Holidays: Open 8am - 10pm*
*Or when lifts close

Drifted In Coffee & Spirits: 
Weekends & Holiday Periods Only: 11am - 5:30pm (Closes in Mid-March)

Crane Lodge

Wicked Char

Early & Late Season 10:30 am - 4 pm
Holiday Periods Daily 10:30 am - 4 pm
Weekends & Holidays 10:30 am - 4 pm
Non-Holiday Wednesdays & Fridays 4 pm - 7:30 pm 

Hendrick's Summit Lodge

Open daily in the "heart of the season." Warm up with hot beverages, baked goods, grilled specialties and snacks. 

All hours at Summit Lodge subject to guest volume and weather.

Powder Maker's Donuts & Waffles (JJ's Patio)

Open Weekends & Holidays: 10am - 5pm

The Country Store

The Country Store, adjacent to parking lot #4, is well stocked with a variety of essential pantry items. It offers wonderful take out meals,soups and sandwiches as well as a fine selection of beer, wine and spirits. For more information, please call 413.738.5500, ext. 4120

Open 7am - 7pm (Hours may vary during holiday times)


Where are bathrooms located?

Bathrooms are located in the Paul Major Welcome Center, lower level of JJ’s Lodge, lower level of Crane Lodge, Christiansen’s Tavern and Hendrick’s Summit Lodge.

View the resort map.

Are there ATM's on site?

There are ATM's located in the Country Inn as well as the Paul Major Welcome Center.

Is there Wi-Fi?

We offer wireless access in the Country Inn, JJ's Village Center, the Welcome Center and Crane Lodge. the network is called "Blue Streak" and you must agree to the Terms & Conditions page before it will connect.

Is there a Medical Clinic?

Ski Patrol is located next to Christiansen's Tavern in the Paul Maloney Ski Patrol building. (Ext. 3320)

Is there a gift shop?

There is! It is called Just Jiminy and you can find it across from the Guest Services desk, in the Paul Major Welcome Center.

Where is Lost & Found?

Lost items will either be returned to the Guest Services desk in the Paul Major Welcome Center (Ext. 3000) or the Front Desk of the Country Inn (Ext. 3620).

Emergency Contacts

Ski Patrol: Ext. 3320
Village Ambulance: 413.458.5080
Fire Department: 64.911
State Police: 413.743.4700
Williamstown Police: 413.458.5733
Berkshire Medical Center: 413.447.2000
Poison Control Center: 800.682.9211
Front Desk - Admin Bldg: Ext. 3440
Front Desk - Country Inn (24 Hrs): Ext. 3620 or'0'
Tickets: Ext. 3340
Guest Services, Welcome Center: Ext. 3000