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Zephyr Savings Card

Zephyr Savings Card

Introducing our new Zephyr Savings Card. If you don't think you will ski or ride often enough to warrant a season pass, but will visit more than once, Zephyr Savings Card is your next best option. You'll save $20 on every Sunday - Friday, non-holiday lift ticket, or every Twilight lift ticket, you buy throughout the season! It also gives you direct-to-lift access when re-loaded online, so you save time and money. 

But wait, there's more! You will also receive a FREE TICKET with purshase, valid Sunday - Friday, non-holiday, or any Twilight, whichever you choose, if purchased by November 15th. If purchased after November 15th, you will still receive a FREE TICKET valid Sunday - Friday, or any Twilight, beginning March 1st through the end of the season. Your free ticket more than covers the cost of the Savings Card! Free tickets must be redeemed at the ticket windowand are not available as an online re-load. 

Price: $69. On sale beginning October 1st

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Rules & Information:

  •  Zephyr Savings Card discounts may not be combined with any other discounts.
    • Multi Day tickets are discounted and do not qualify for an additional Savings Card discount.
  • Zephyr Savings Cards do not come preloaded with lift tickets. Lift tickets must be purchased and loaded on the card after initial purchase.
  • When purchasing a Zephyr Savings Card please choose the card based on the appropriate lift ticket for your age. Choose either Adult (19-64) or All Other Ages (<19/>64). Savings Cards may only be re-loaded with like tickets (ex. Adult lift ticket on Adult Savings Card).
  • The Zephyr Savings Card is non-transferable and for use only by the owner of the card. It may only be used once per person, per card, per day.
  • Free ticket must be redeemed at the Ticket Window, with the Zephyr Savings Card present. 
  • There is a $5 replacement fee for a lost Zephyr Savings Card.