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Jiminy Peak Season Pass Assurance Program

Rest Assured

If you are unable to utilize your season pass due to state mandates related directly to the Covid-19 pandemic (such as travel bans and quarantine requirements), you will receive a credit toward your 21/22 season pass. The credit will be determine based on the number of days travel is restricted divided by the number of days the resort operates.


100-Day Guarantee

We are committed to a long, snow-filled winter season and we want to guarantee at least 100 operating days next winter*. World-class snowmaking systems and expert grooming are hallmarks of our operation and it is the exception for us to have a season where we operate less than 100 days. If for some reason we do not reach that goal, we will credit 1% back to each passholder towards a 21/22 season pass for each day we miss 100.

*100 day guarantee is based on days of operation of the resort, not on pass usage.