Summer at Jiminy Peak
"New Snow
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Electrical Energy Conservation

Country Inn (1997-2003)

Convert 1200 feet of hallway lights, and 5 stair towers that operate 24/7, to compact fluorescent lights in order to be more efficient where lighting is required around the clock.

Annual Savings: 151,754 kWh

Snowmaking (1997 - present)

New technology improves energy efficiency for snowmaking by converting to primarily external mix guns. The newest version is an LP3, which cuts air consumption in half at 19 degrees wet bulb. It took 6,523 kWh in 1998 to convert 180,000 gallons of water (equal to an acre foot of snow) into snow. In 2006 it took 3,804 kWh to convert 180,000 gallons into snow for an acre foot. Jiminy averages 700 acre feet of snow per winter. 9 years ago the system's old technology would have required 4,566,100 kWh versus 2,661,400 today. The annual savings is 41.7% in energy.

Annual Savings: 1,903,300 kWh

Village Center (2001-2004)

Convert 24 hour lighting in hallways and public spaces to compact fluorescents.

Annual Savings: 26,909 kWh

Resort Wide Miscellaneous Reduction (2001-present)

Signage lighting retro fit to LED. Replacing thermostats with secure programmable thermostats to control heat and cool. Estimated conversions reduce oil and propane burners as well as electric heat total 100,000 kWh.

Annual Savings: 80,600 kWh

Utilizing Snowmaking Compressors Excess Heat Used for Village Center (2002)

Capturing heat from compressors during 800 hours of operation in the winter. Reduces propane and electricity requirements. Using the heat from 2 compressors to heat 34,000 square feet of space in 3 Village Center buildings avoids the need of an equivalent of 63,800 kWh.

Annual Savings: 63,800 kWh

Slope Lighting (2003)

Replacement of 1,000 watt bulbs to 400 watt high efficiency bulbs on 5 trails. The lights have the ability to go to 1/2 wattage when used during snowmaking - a winter benefit only.

Annual Savings: 53,505 kWh

JJ's Lodge (2005)

High efficiency motors for heating and cooling, energy conserving kitchen exhaust hoods, use of water cooled towers to reduce conventional air conditioning needs uses chilled water to assist in cooling buildings. A model building for energy savings.

Annual Savings: 60,000 kWh

Total Savings per Year: 2,341,268 kWh

Eliminating 5,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions caused by electricity generated by oil or coal.